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JK TKD Women’s Cardio Kickboxing program

Get ready

for change to happen.

We're trained to help you become fitter and stronger.

Get ready to elevate your mornings! Our Cardio Kickboxing progra will include the perfect blend of kickboxing, cardio, high- intensity interval training (HIIT), sculpting a stronger, more resilient you.

April 1 - May 20

Monday- Friday


Dont miss out! Join our transformative program now and redefine your fitness journey. Prepare to embrace a revitalizing start to each day with our empowering fitness sessions!

*Lose the most body fat percentage. Must bring in BMI results by first week.

1st Place wins $100 Visa GiftCard

cardio kickboxing

Taking a Kickboxing Class

cardio/ HIIT

Transform your fitness routine with short, intense intervals that push your limits. Burn calories, boost endurance, and sculpt your body efficiently. This dynamic workout method maximizes results, making every minute count.



A fusion of fierce punches, kicks, and cardio, this workout is your path to strength, agility, and a sculpted physique. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned enthusiast, kickboxing delivers an empowering and invigorating fitness experience.

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An 8-week kickboxing and Cardio challenge can deliver impressive results. The combination maximizes calorie burn, aiding weight loss, and enhances overall fitness. Over the duration, participants typically experience increased stamina, improved cardiovascular health, and strengthened muscles. The dual focus on both aerobic and anaerobic aspects ensures a well-rounded transformation, including enhanced agility and endurance. Consistency and proper nutrition are key for optimal outcomes during the 8-week challenge.

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Jk Tkd Womens

cardio kickboxing


Jk taekwondo

5440 Babcock Rd. Suite 125

San Antonio, Tx. 78240

Office- (210) 690-3171

Mobile- (210) 569-4897

Class schedule

Weeks- April 1 - May 20

Monday- Friday 8AM

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$199 New sign up includes your registration, 8 week fitness program and your pair of boxing gloves.

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